Cold Soba (North Korean Style)

This cold soba tasted like what I had when I was in Northeast China. Since it tasted quite different from what I had here in those Korean restaurant, I assume this is the North Korean style since what restaurants here serve is the South Korean style.

I never thought about cooking it until I order it in a Chinese restaurant in College Park, Maryland. It brought me lots of old time memory, so I decided to repeat it at home.


Chinese Spaghetti, cucumber, tomato, tea egg, cold bottled water, sesame seeds, seasoning


1. Add cold water into pan, bring to boil on medium high heat, cook Chinese Spaghetti according to package directions.

2. Pour spaghetti into a drainer, rinse with cold water, then drain.

3. Meantime, peel tea egg and slice into half, chop cucumber into sticks and slice tomato into small slices.

4. Have a big bowl ready, set spaghetti at the bottom, then lay cucumber, tomato and egg on top, sprinkle with sesame seeds.

5. Use a small bowl, mix the seasoning together. Vinegar : sugar should be 2 : 1, but you can adjust it according to your taste. Add some salt, stir until sagar and salt is melted.

6. Pour vinegar mix and cold bottled water into bowl to have everything in bowl covered. Now it’s ready to serve.









1. 鸡蛋放入凉水锅里,水中略加一点盐,中大火烧开,然后关火。


传统的鸡蛋煮法是开锅之后转小火,再煮将近 10 分钟,然后关火。我觉得那样煮出来的蛋有点老,再加上这次的蛋回头还要再煮的,所以我把水烧开之后就关火了。

2. 煮蛋的同时,另外用一口锅,倒入足够的凉水,放入红茶和香料包,加入适量的酱油,盐和少量的糖,中大火烧开,然后转小火。





3. 煮好的鸡蛋用勺子背敲碎蛋壳,然后放入调料锅里。


4. 鸡蛋全部放入调料锅之后,中大火把水烧开,然后关火。鸡蛋继续浸泡在香料水中入味,不过随时可以捞出来食用。

我不喜欢香料味道太重,所以关火大概 10 分钟左右就把香料包捞出来丢掉了,只留下了茶叶包。喜欢香料味道的,可以把香料包留的久一些。

5. 茶叶蛋凉吃热吃都可以,浸泡的时间也没有要求,具体操作看个人的口味。


Tea Egg

Tea Egg

I’m not sure why this is called ‘tea egg’, I’d love to call it ‘tea flavored egg’.

This is one of the traditional snack in China. It reminds me of my college life everytime I see it. It was very popular being the before-bedtime-snack back then, I think there was more than 20 tea egg booth around the campus at that time.


eggs, black tea, seasoning.


1.Lay eggs in pot, covered with cold water, add some salt into water, bring to boil on medium high heat. Then turn heat off, let eggs sit in pot to keep cooking.

salty water can prevent cracked eggs to spill out when cooking.

2.Meantime, add cold water into another pot, and add seasoning to it, bring to boil on high heat.

For seasoning, I used black tea, cinnamon stick, star anise, zanthoxylum, soybean sauce, salt and sugar. You can add more seasoning as your taste, such as orange peel, bay leaves, etc.

I put the dry seasoning into a tea bag, so they won’t get loose in pot. And I don’t like the strong taste of them, so I took the bag out of pot 10 minutes after I turn off the heat.

3.Crack egg shells with back of a spoon without taking them out. Or you can take them out of water, do it the way you like.

4.Transfer all the cracked eggs into the seasoning pot. Bring to boil again on high heat, then turn heat off. Let eggs sit in pot until it cool off.

Some people like to stick holes on eggs so the flavor can get to the inside of eggs.

5. Take eggs out of pot, peel. Then eggs are ready to serve.

You can serve them hot or cold. They taste good either way.

Picture below shows a darker color egg and a lighter color egg. The lighter color egg was taken out right after turning off the heat, the darker color egg was taken out after soaking in pot for several hours. Of course the darker color egg has a stronger flavor.

Star Anise

Star Anise

Star Anise is one of the popular spice when doing braise. At lease I hardly use it for something else.

It has a strong flavor, so I normally would let it stay in pot for about 15-20 minutes, then I would take it out and throw away.

I don’t really know much about it. luckily, we have wiki, HA!

For dishes using Star Anise, please clikc on following link:

Zanthoxylum = Pepper?


This is what I called ‘Chinese Pepper’. Today, I looked up online, and found out that its offical name is Zanthoxylum.

It is a very popular seasoning in Si-Chuan dish or Hunan Dish, anything hot and spicy. It is the spicy!

This is one of my favorite seasoning when it comes to slow cooking or braise. But since it has a very strong flavor, so I won’t let it stay in pot for a long time.

Zanthoxylum on Plant

I happen to have a Zanthoxylum plant, so you can see what it looks like when it’s still fresh.

Here is the wiki link:

For dishes using zanthoxylum, please click on following link:









1. 糯米粉和粘米粉用 3:1 的比例混合,然后按自己的口味加入白糖,拌匀。

2. 加入冷水搅拌均匀。


3. 找一个合适的用来蒸湿面的容器,把拌匀的面糊倒入。

4. 开水上屉,把面糊蒸熟。


5. 蒸好的年糕放入冷冻箱冻透冻硬,然后拿出来,切成大概一公分厚的片。


6. 平底锅倒油烧热,中火。

7. 把切好的年糕片放进去煎至两面金黄即可。


8. 煎好的年糕趁热吃最好,外酥里糯,好吃的不得了。



Sweet Rice Cake


This is the one of the tradition food for Chinese New Year. Of course you can make it any time you want to.

I learned this from a friend who came from Fujian Providence, so I call it ‘Fujian Rice Cake’ sometimes.


rice flour, sweet rice flour, sugar.


1. Mix rice flour and sweet rice flour as 1:3.

The one in red print is rice flour, and the one in green is sweet rice flour.

2. Add sugar to your taste.

3. Add water, slowly, stir as you add water. Just add enough to wet the flour.

It’s not going to be a dough, it’s going to be smooth batter.

4. Pour the mixture into a steamable container.

I used a glass lunch box.

5. Steam for about 30 minutes. Let it sit until it’s cool, then freeze to colder.

6. Slice rice cake into 1/4 inch slice.

7. Heat up the skillet on medium heat, add oil.

To fry rice cake, you’ll need more oil. Of course, you can always add more if you need to.

8. Lay rice cake slices into skillet, set them apart.

Slices will be very sticky when they get hot.

9. Flip when bottom turn golden brown.

10. They are ready to serve when both sides turn golden brown.

11. Serve hot.









1. 蒜切末,午餐肉,洋葱,菜椒切条。

2. 一勺淀粉加少许凉水混匀,加入蚝油,醋和酱油,拌匀。

3. 炒锅倒油烧热,中大火,把午餐肉,洋葱,菜椒倒入锅煸炒到菜椒略微变软。

4. 把切好的蒜末倒进锅,炒出蒜香,然后加入盐和一点点糖,炒匀。

5. 把淀粉糊搅拌均匀,倒进锅,快速煸炒,直到淀粉糊成熟变成浓稠的酱汁。

6. 滴几滴香油进锅,炒匀即可。





Stir Fry Bell Pepper with Onion and Spam



My mon has problem biting regular meat, so I tried to cook processed meat instead of regular meat for her. Spam is one of the kind I use often.


bell pepper, onion, spam

seasoning: garlic, corn starch, vinegar, soybean sauce, sesame oil, salt, sugar.


1. Chop bell pepper, onion and spam into sticks.

2. Chop garlic into small pieces.

3. Mix one teaspoon corn starch with little bit cold water, add vinegar and soybean sauce into mixture.

4. Heat up skillet on medium high heat, add oil. Add bell pepper, onion and spam into skillet, stir constantly.

5. When bell pepper and onion get little tender, add garlic into skillet.

6. When you can smell garlic is cooking, pour corn starch mixture into skillet, stir quickly.

7. Add several drops of sesame oil, stir well.










1. 面粉,盐,五香粉加油一起,搅拌成浓稠的糊状。


2. 取一张饼,上面刷一层椒盐糊,然后折成任意形状。我折成了方形。


3. 平底锅倒油,中小火烧热,把饼放进去烙到底部金黄,翻面,烙到两面都变成金黄即可。