Rice Wine


Rice Wine


Rice wine is made of sweet rice and yeast, It can be eat as is since rice is fully cooked. You can also cook and serve as soup.

The wine itself can be use as cooking wine and drinking wine.

I’ll post more picture when I make some next time.

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Smoked Pork Sausage (Chinese Version)

Cellophane Noodle


Cellophane Noodle


Cellophane Noodle is a very popular ingredients in Chinese cooking. It’s made from starch, the most popular kinds are from mung bean and yam. Ones made from yam are in darker color.Cellophane Noodle

Shape wise, most cellophane noodles are thin, but there are other shape, too. Thin ones are good to use in stir frying, the other kinds are good to use in stewing or simmering, because it takes a lot longer to cook it.

To cook with it, I normally soak it in water for a while, until it get tender a little bit. But you still need cook it with hot water. When it gets clear, it’s ready to eat. It’s hard to bite on if it’s not fully cooked.

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For dishes using cellophane noodle, please check the following link:

Spring Roll with Veggie and Egg




Winter Melon


Winter Melon


Winter Melon is one of the popular vegetables in China. It’s good to cook in soup, or cook with meat or shrimp.

Before you cook winter melon, you have to get rid of its hair first. Be really carefully when remove hair, your skin can be really itchy if you touch it.

Seeds need to be removed, too.

Winter Melon          Winter Melon

Winter Melon showing in pictures is a mini winter melon. Most of them are huge, about same size of a big watermelon.

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Preserved Pork


Preserved Pork


Preserved Pork is very popular in South China. This is one of the main way to prevent meat from going bad before refrigerator exists.

To make preserved pork, most people would use pig belly. First, season pork with salt and pepper for 1-3 days, then add other seasoning such as rice wine, soybean oil, etc., then smoke it or air-dry it.

Of course, different area has different way to preserve meat. In country, lots of families hang treated pork above their stoves until they are ready to cook it.

I make it at home. Because I live in South, winter temperature is not low enough to let it air-dry, I have to let it sit in my refrigerator for days to let it dry. It’s not the original taste, but close enough.

Don’t be scared of the color, it comes from soybean oil.

Sticky Rice Flour


Sticky Rice Flour


I searched Wiki, but couldn’t find one for sticky rice flour, but I did see “sticky rice” over there.

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Sticky Rice Flour is a popular ingredient to make sticky type snack, especially around Chines New Year.

Dough with sticky rice flour is pretty sticky, sometimes we’ll mix some white rice flour with it to make the dough firm enough to shape.