Stuffed Tortilla with Chinese Chive

Uncooked tortilla is my forever favorite now. The more I cook with it, the more I love it. It is so easy and convenient. And more important to me, it does not have the smell as the cooked tortilla!


uncooked tortilla, Chinese chive, eggs, spam, seasoning to your taste.


1.Chop spam and Chinese Chive into little pieces. Then add egg into the mixture, mix well to make a thick mixture.

2. Heat up the skillet on medium heat, add a little bit oil into skillet.

3. Heat one tortilla until you see little bubble coming up, flip it.


4. Scoop some egg mixture on top of the tortilla, make it flat, then hold one side to cover over the other side, make it shape as a omelet.


5. Flip the tortilla until the bottom side is golden brown. It’s done when both sides are golden brown.

You can use fork or whatever to punch some holes when you cook it, it will cook sooner.

You can replace any ingredients with something else. I tried shrimp instead of spam, it tastes good, too.

Tortilla is more crispy when first came out of pan. If you heat it up with toaster oven or re-heat it with frying pan, it won’t be too tender.

Tortilla Burrito with Ground Meat


Tortilla Burrito with Ground Meat


I love the uncooked tortilla. It’s so easy and convenient to cook with it. And it tastes good, better than cooked ones.

Ingredients:Tortilla Burrito with Ground Meat

uncooked tortilla, ground meat, egg, green onion, seasoning.


1. Chop green onion into little pieces, mix with a little bit salt, set aside for several minutes.

2. Beat egg well, set aside.Tortilla Burrito with Ground Meat

3. Season meat, then mix with green onion.

Use less salt, since green onion is salty.

4. Brush a thin layer of egg on a tortilla, then spread a layer of meat, then brush a layer of egg and roll it up.

Tortilla Burrito with Ground Meat          Tortilla Burrito with Ground Meat          Tortilla Burrito with Ground Meat

5. Heat up the frying pan, add some cooking oil, pan fry the burrito until golden brown on medium heat.

6. Serve hot.


Tortilla Burrito with Ground Meat

Tortilla Sandwich with Egg and Bacon


Tortilla Sandwich with Egg and Bacon


I’m not a tortilla person, but I accidentally fall in love with uncooked tortilla. Believe it or not, it tastes different from the store-bought tortilla. And since it’s uncooked, you can cook it in different ways!

Ingredients:Tortilla Sandwich with Egg and Bacon

2 uncooked tortilla, 1 egg, 1 tsp bacon crumbles, seasoning to your taste


1. Heat up frying pan on medium high heat, lay one tortilla in pan.

Tortilla Sandwich with Egg and Bacon2. Transfer tortilla to plate when you see bubbles on surface, set aside to later use.

3. Lay second tortilla in pan.

4. Pour egg over tortilla in pan, spread well.

If you are not as lazy as me, you can pre-mix egg and seasonings, then pour over.

5. Sprinkle seasoning and bacon over tortilla.

Tortilla Sandwich with Egg and Bacon         Tortilla Sandwich with Egg and Bacon          Tortilla Sandwich with Egg and Bacon

6. Lay the first tortilla on top, press lightly.

7. Flip tortilla when done.

8. Tortilla is ready to serve when it’s lightly brown.


Tortilla Sandwich with Egg and Bacon