Preserved Pork


Preserved Pork


Preserved Pork is very popular in South China. This is one of the main way to prevent meat from going bad before refrigerator exists.

To make preserved pork, most people would use pig belly. First, season pork with salt and pepper for 1-3 days, then add other seasoning such as rice wine, soybean oil, etc., then smoke it or air-dry it.

Of course, different area has different way to preserve meat. In country, lots of families hang treated pork above their stoves until they are ready to cook it.

I make it at home. Because I live in South, winter temperature is not low enough to let it air-dry, I have to let it sit in my refrigerator for days to let it dry. It’s not the original taste, but close enough.

Don’t be scared of the color, it comes from soybean oil.











3、番茄用开水烫一下,1 分钟左右即可,剥皮切块。











Egg Drop Soup with Tomato and Tofu


Egg  Drop Soup with Tomato and Tofu


Egg drop soup is one of my favorite soups. It’s quick and easy, and I can add any kind of vegetables into it to give it more flavor and color.

Ingredients:Egg  Drop Soup with Tomato and Tofu

2 medium size tomatoes, 2 eggs, 1 small block tofu, corn starch, seasoning to taste.


1. Chop tofu into small tubes.

2. Put tofu tubes into boiling water, bring water to boil again, drain tofu well, set aside.

3. Drop tomatoes into hot water for about 1 minute, take out, then peel and chop into tubes.Egg  Drop Soup with Tomato and Tofu

4. Pour water in sauce pan, bring to boil, add seasoning to your taste.

I normally use salt, sugar and white pepper. I use much more sugar then normal, so the soup would taste sour and sweet.

5. Pour tomato tubes and tofu tubes into pan, bring to boil.

6. Mix about 1 tbsp corn starch and 2 tbsp water, stir quickly while pouring batter into pan.

7. Beat eggs well, stir quickly while slowly pouring into pan.Egg  Drop Soup with Tomato and Tofu

Always pour starch batter before eggs, so egg drops will float.

8. Add several drops of sesame oil into pan, remove from heat.

9. Transfer into bowl, serve when warm.


Egg Drop Soup with Tomato and Tofu