Pocketed Flat Bread


Pocketed Flat Bread

I never made this type of flat bread before. I was talking with a friend about some local food in China, and they use pocketed flat bread. I decided to google online to find out how to make them.

Pocketed Flat BreadIngredients:

flour, cooking oil, seasoning.


1. Mix flour with cold water, form a solid but soft ball, set aside for a while, punch the dough again, then separate dough into several even pieces.

2. Mix cooking oil with salt, pepper and flour, mix into not-too-thick batter, this is your filling batter.

3. Roll each pieces into a flat thin sheet, then spread with filling batter, leave edge unspreaded.

4. Fold sheet from one end, all the way until the other end.

Pocketed Flat Bread         Pocketed Flat Bread        Pocketed Flat Bread         Pocketed Flat Bread

 5. Fold the folded sheet halfway, then fold it again. Use your fingers push the 4 corners into center.

Pocketed Flat Bread         Pocketed Flat Bread          Pocketed Flat Bread         Pocketed Flat Bread

 6. Roll the folded sheet into a flat sheet again.

Pocketed Flat Bread          Pocketed Flat Bread

Pocketed Flat BreadPocketed Flat Bread7. Heat up frying pan, add a little bit cooking oil, heat the rolled sheet on medium low heat. Flip when the bottom is golden brown.

8. Cut the flat bread in center, carefully separate from layers, then fill flat bread with whatever your filling meat/vegetable is.


Pocketed Flat Bread


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