Hi, everybody

Welcome to my site. I hope you can find some useful recipes here.

I had a domain as http://www.lauraonline.net. I was so busy in 2011 and didn’t realize that it expired and it’s too expensive to renew now, so I decided to register a new domain to start over.

I’m a Chinese who lives in USA. I just simply love cooking and eating, and love to share my cooking experience with my friends and whoever loves cooking.

Since I have to go to work every day, so I don’t have much time to cook. Plus I’m not a creative type of person, so all my dishes looks simple and plain, nothing fancy.

Each recipe will be posted twice, one in Chinese, one in English. Since I’m not really good at English, so please let me know if I used the wrong words. Hopefully I can improve my English quicker this way.

I decided to start using WordPress since it has more features than my old way. I will slowly convert all my old recipes here, and add new recipes when there’s any.

All my old recipes are still available until I convert all of them here. Here is the link: http://old.mamalee.net

Let’s enjoy cooking and share our experiences together!


Mama Lee

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