Stir Fried Shrimp


Shirmp001I meant to deep fry those shrimps, but didn’t want to go through all the trouble, so here is the result for being lazy.


shrimp, seasoning (salt, white pepper powder, soybean sauce)


Shirmp001021. Use a pair of scissors, chop everything outside the shell off, including the legs.

2. Cut the outer shell from the back, and discard the vein, run shrimp through running water, drain well.

I normally cut from the second section, and all the way through the last second, you should see the vein when you through cutting.

Shirmp001033. Heat the skillet, add a little bit oil, change heat to medium high, add shrimp into skillet.

4. Keep stirring until all the shrimp turn pink, add salt, white pepper powder and a little bit soybean sauce into skillet, then add a little bit water, keep stirring until water’s almost gone.

5. Serve hot.











排骨豆角蒸面排骨豆角蒸面1  姜切片,放入冷水锅,再加一点料酒。

2  排骨切小块,放入冷水锅,大火烧开,小火烧几分钟,倒出来用温水冲净沥干。

3  锅里重新倒水,加入料酒,醋,再加一点点糖,大火烧开,把洗净的排骨倒进去,烧开之后小火煮 30 分钟左右,或者煮至排骨肉熟。

4  豆角摘好洗净,长的掰短,沥干水分。排骨煮熟之后加进锅里,加入盐和酱油,煮 10 分钟左右到豆角开始变软。

排骨豆角蒸面     排骨豆角蒸面     排骨豆角蒸面

排骨豆角蒸面5  把面条散开,铺在排骨豆角上面,加盖小火,20 分钟之后停火。

6  把面条和排骨豆角拌在一起,尽量拌匀,使面条上面沾上锅里剩余的汤汁。



Steamed Noodle with Rib and Green Bean

Steamed Noodle with Rib and Green Bean


This is one of my most favorite way to cook noodle. It tastes a lot better than regular stir fried noodle.

Steamed Noodle with Rib and Green BeanIngredients:

fresh noodle, green bean, ribs, ginger root, seasoning (salt, sugar, cooking wine, vinegar, soybean sauce).


Steamed Noodle with Rib and Green BeanSteamed Noodle with Rib and Green Bean1. Slice ginger root, take 4 slices, put into cold water in wok, add some cooking wine into water.

2. Chop ribs into small pieces, then put into cold water, set wok on high heat, bring to boil, then simmer for several minutes. Rinse with warm water.

Steamed Noodle with Rib and Green BeanI had the butcher sliced ribs short when I bought it.

3. Add water into wok, just enough to cover ribs, add cooking wine, vinegar and a little bit sugar, then add ribs back into wok, high heat to boil, simmer for about 30 minutes or until ribs are done.

Steamed Noodle with Rib and Green Bean4. Meantime, tear the edge off green bean, then tear into shorter pieces, wash with water, drain.

5. Add green bean into wok when ribs are done, add salt, soybean sauce, simmer for about 10-15 minutes, or until green bean start getting soft.

Steamed Noodle with Rib and Green Bean6. Spread noodle over rib and green bean, cover with lid, simmer for about 20 minutes.

7. Turn heat off, mix noodle with rib and green bean, so noodle will be coated with leftover juice in wok.


Steamed Noodle with Rib and Green Bean

Steamed Noodle with Rib and Green Bean