Stir Fried Luffa with Eggs

Luffa is one of my favorites, so I plant Luffa in the garden every year. Fresh vegetables always taste better.


Luffa, eggs, black fungus, seasoning.


1. Soak black fungus in water, wait until it gets tender and spread out, rinse with water, drain well.

black fungus is not necessary, I just wanted to add some color to the dish. I wanted to add something red to begin with, but I didn’t have any at home, so I decided to use black fungus.


2. Boil some water in a sauce pan, add a little bit salt, vinegar and cooking oil. Keep water boiling.

3. Peel Luffa, then chop into chunk, put luffa chunk into boiling water. Bring water to boiling again, then take Luffa out, put into a strainer, rinse with cold water. Drain well.

Some people say that you don’t have to get rid of all the green, but I prefer peel all of them off, just leave the white. If Luffa is some old, you can chop the seeds off.

3. Heat up a skillet on high heat, add some cooking oil. Beat eggs well, then pour into skillet. Stir constantly to cook eggs into chunk pieces, then get them out of skillet.

4. Adjust heat to medium high heat, add more cooking oil, cook black fungus for several minutes, then add Luffa into skillet, stir constantly.

5. Add eggs back into skillet, keep stirring, add seasoning, mix well.


I’d like to keep its original color when cooking light color vegetables, so I normally don’t use soybean sauce.

I used white pepper, ginger powder, garlic powder, salt and sugar.

6. Mix a little bit corn starch with cold water, pour into skillet, stir quick until juice in skillet get thicker.

7. Add several drop of sesame oil, stir well. Serve when hot.

To view this recipe in Chinese, please click here.

Pan Fried Spam with Egg Filling

This dish is made with love, for who I know and I don’t know.


spam, medium eggs, seasoning


1. Slice spam into 4 slices.

I like the thickness of 4 slices, of course you can slice more or less.

2. Use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to cut the sliced ham.

3. Crack egg, seperate egg yolk and egg white, slightly beat egg white. Add seasoning to it, then mix well.

I uesed large eggs, then realized the egg york is too big for the space, so I picked the smalleds eggs I can find. I think medium eggs should be better sized.


4. Heat up skillet on medium heat, or whatever heat level you use to fry eggs. Cook spam for a minute or two, then flip.

5. Add several drops of cooking oil, then fill eggs into the hole, cook until egg is firm.

Tea Egg

Tea Egg

I’m not sure why this is called ‘tea egg’, I’d love to call it ‘tea flavored egg’.

This is one of the traditional snack in China. It reminds me of my college life everytime I see it. It was very popular being the before-bedtime-snack back then, I think there was more than 20 tea egg booth around the campus at that time.


eggs, black tea, seasoning.


1.Lay eggs in pot, covered with cold water, add some salt into water, bring to boil on medium high heat. Then turn heat off, let eggs sit in pot to keep cooking.

salty water can prevent cracked eggs to spill out when cooking.

2.Meantime, add cold water into another pot, and add seasoning to it, bring to boil on high heat.

For seasoning, I used black tea, cinnamon stick, star anise, zanthoxylum, soybean sauce, salt and sugar. You can add more seasoning as your taste, such as orange peel, bay leaves, etc.

I put the dry seasoning into a tea bag, so they won’t get loose in pot. And I don’t like the strong taste of them, so I took the bag out of pot 10 minutes after I turn off the heat.

3.Crack egg shells with back of a spoon without taking them out. Or you can take them out of water, do it the way you like.

4.Transfer all the cracked eggs into the seasoning pot. Bring to boil again on high heat, then turn heat off. Let eggs sit in pot until it cool off.

Some people like to stick holes on eggs so the flavor can get to the inside of eggs.

5. Take eggs out of pot, peel. Then eggs are ready to serve.

You can serve them hot or cold. They taste good either way.

Picture below shows a darker color egg and a lighter color egg. The lighter color egg was taken out right after turning off the heat, the darker color egg was taken out after soaking in pot for several hours. Of course the darker color egg has a stronger flavor.

Stir Fried Eggs with Sausage

This has been one of favorites for years, probably for 25 years now. I learned from a co-worker when I was still in China. I tried different kind of sausage, and I think I love them all.


eggs ( I actually used 4 instead of 3 eggs since they are small), green onion, sausage, seasoning.


1. Slice sausage into slices.

2. chop green onion into pieces.

3. Crack eggs, add whatever seasoning you like, then add green onion, beat well.

For seasoning, I used a little bit cooking wine, ginger powder and salt.

4. Heat up skillet on medium heat, add a little bit oil, cook sausage until it gets darker.

5. Pour sausage into egg mixture.

6. Adjust heat to high, add more cooking oil, wait until the temperature get high, pour egg mixture into skillet, stir a little bit at beginning. When egg mixture get firm at bottom, flip over.

7. It’s done when both sides are firm.

You can use any kind of sausage to cook this dish, I like the smoked sausage best.


Baked Egg in Ham Cup


Baked Egg in Ham Cup

I fell in love with the look when I saw it online. I know it’s going to taste good so I tried it. And it was good.

Baked Egg in Ham CupIngredients:

thin sliced ham, egg, green onion leaves, seasoning.


Baked Egg in Ham Cup1. Preheat oven to 375ºF.

2. Take 2-3 slices of ham, overlap on each other, then set in muffin cup or individual baking dish.

3. Crack eggs, pour one egg in each cup.

Baked Egg in Ham Cup4. Sprinkle salt and pepper on top, then chop some green onion leaves on top.

5. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until eggs are set to your taste.

With 20-minute-baking, egg yolk should not be running.


Baked Egg in Ham Cup


Stir Fried Eggs with Shrimp



Stir fried eggs is my most favorite among all the stir fry dishes. I can pretty much stir fry everything with eggs.

Stir Fried Eggs with ShrimpIngredients:

4 eggs, shrimps, garlic leaves, seasoning.


Stir Fried Eggs with Shrimp1. Chop garlic leaves into small pieces.

2. Clean shrimp, drain, pat dry with paper towel.

3. Crack eggs, beat well, pour garlic leaves into it, mix with seasoning, such as salt and white pepper powder.

Stir Fried Eggs with Shrimp4. Heat up skillet, add cooking oil, saute shrimp until color change on medium high heat.

5. Pour shrimp into egg mixture, mix well.

6. Heat up skillet on high heat, add more than normal cooking oil.

Stir Fried Eggs with ShrimpStir Fried Eggs with Shrimp7. Pour egg mixture into skillet, flip until egg get firm on bottom.

8. Keep cooking until new bottom get firm. Flip more if needed until eggs are fully cooked.

9. Transfer to plate and serve.


Stir Fried Eggs with Shrimp



Stir Fried Eggs with Pepper


Stir Fried Eggs with Pepper


This is one of my favorite dishes ever since I was in middle school, especially summer time, when it’s time to harvest banana peppers. I love the hot but not too hot type peppers.

Ingredients:Stir Fried Eggs with Pepper

Peppers, eggs, seasoning to taste


1. Chop peppers into pieces, get rid of seeds.

2. Mix egg with little cooking wine and salt, maybe some white pepper, too, beat well.Stir Fried Eggs with Pepper

3. Heat up skillet, add cooking oil, cook peppers on medium high heat for several minutes.

4. Pour egg mixture into skillet before peppers get too tender, stir some, to make the egg mixture shape like a pancake.

5. Flip when the bottom get firm.

Stir Fried Eggs with Pepper          Stir Fried Eggs with Pepper          Stir Fried Eggs with Pepper

6. When it’s golden brown on both side, transfer to a plate and serve.


Stir Fried Eggs with Pepper


Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Eggs and Wood Ear

Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Eggs and Wood Ear

Bitter Melon is also called Bitter Squash. As its name, it does taste bitter, but it’s good for you, by Chinese sayings. Actually, anything tastes bitter is good for your health, by old sayings in China.

I’m not a bitter melon fan, but I do cook it once a while, mainly stir fry with eggs.

Ingredients:Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Eggs and Wood Ear

2 medium size bitter melon, 3 eggs, 2 red cayenne pepper, 10 wood ear, seasoning to taste.


1. Soak wood ear in water for about an hour, then clean it up. Tear into smaller pieces if it’s too big.

2. Cut bitter melon in half, scoop the seeds out, then chop into pieces.

3. Chop pepper into pieces.

4. Mix eggs with a little bit cooking wine, set aside.

5. Heat up skillet with high heat, add cooking oil, pour eggs, cook until eggs get firm. Transfer eggs to a plate, set aside.

Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Eggs and Wood Ear              Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Eggs and Wood Ear

6. Add cooking oil to skillet, stir fry wood ear until you start hearing it pop.

7. Add pepper and bitter melon into skillet, cook for several minutes, then add salt and pepper, a pinch of sugar. Keeping cooking and stirring.

8. Add cooked eggs back into skillet, keep cooking until bitter melon get some tender.

9. Transfer to plate, serve when it’s hot.

Stir Fried Bitter Melon with Eggs and Wood Ear

To view this recipe in Chinese, please click here.

Stir Fried Eggs with Tomatoes


Stir Fried Eggs with Tomatoes

I fell in love with this dish when I was in college. This was one of the best dishes in our dinning hall. Later on I noticed that a lot of people like this dish, too.

Ingredients:Stir Fried Eggs with Tomatoes

2 large (ripe, or close to ripe) tomatoes, 4 large eggs, seasoning.


1. Soak tomatoes in hot water for about one minutes, then take tomatoes out, peel and chunk to whatever shape you like.

Stir Fried Eggs with Tomatoes2. Add a little bit cooking wine into a bowl, crack eggs into it, beat.

3. Heat up skillet on high heat, add cooking oil, then pour eggs into skillet, cook until eggs are firm. Meantime, keep stirring so eggs will break into pieces. Put cooked eggs back to the bowl, set aside.

4. Add cooking oil to skillet, keep cooking on high heat. Add tomatoes into skillet, add salt, sugar and some pepper to taste, cook until tomatoes get tender and the juice get thick.

It tastes better when you add more sugar compare to regular dish. My goal is cook it with a sour and sweet taste.

Stir Fried Eggs with Tomatoes          Stir Fried Eggs with Tomatoes

5. Pour eggs into skillet, mix well.

6. Mix a little bit corn starch with water, then pour into skillet, stir very quickly.

7. Transfer to a plate, serve hot.

I love it better when serve over rice or noodles.

Stir Fried Eggs with Tomatoes