Potato Chowder with Bacon


Potato Chowder with Bacon

I love this potato chowder. I cook it several times every year.

Potato Chowder with BaconIngredients:

4 medium-size potatoes, 1 medium-size onion, 4 strips of bacon, 8oz sour cream, 2 cups milk, 1 can cream of chicken, seasoning to taste.


Potato Chowder with Bacon1. Chop potato into small cubes, pour into boiling water, simmer until well cooked. Drain well.

2. Chop onion into small pieces, saute on medium high heat, then transfer to sauce pan.

3. Pour sour cream, milk and cream of chicken into pan, bring to boil, then add potato cubes, bring to boil again, simmer for 10 minutes.

Potato Chowder with Bacon4. Cook bacon until it’s fully cooked, but not crispy, pat dry with paper towel, then break into small pieces.

5. Add bacon to pan, cook for about 15-20 minutes.


Potato Chowder with Bacon


Spicy and Sour Shredded Potato

Back a while ago, I went to a Chinese Restaurant with some American colleagues. The restaurant serves ‘spicy and sour shredded potato’. This is a very popular dish in China, but my American colleagues said they never heard this or had before. I hope this recipe can help anybody who likes spicy dishes.


potatoes, green and red cayenne peppers, white vinegar, seasoning to taste.


1. Clean potatoes and peppers, peel potatoes then shred. Rinse with water, drain well.

2. Chop peppers into the proper size to match potatoes.

Pepper seeds are much more spicy than pepper. So you can control the spicy level some by how many pepper seeds you keep in your cooking.

3. Heat up the skillet with medium high heat, add cooking oil, then add shredded potato into skillet, stir quickly for a few second to let oil evenly coated on shredded potatoes.

4. Add white vinegar into skillet, stir quickly for a few minutes.

5. Add chopped peppers into skillet, stir until pepper get tender.

6. Add seasoning to your taste. Stir quickly. You can add a little bit water to help seasoning melt and mix quicker.

For seasoning, I normally use salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar.

7. When potato is fully cooked, it’s ready to serve.

Stir Fried Eggplant with Potato and Onion

This dish came from my hometown which located at northeast China. It was originally cooked with bell pepper. But I don’t like bell pepper, so I swapped it with some onion.

I did modified the way to fry the eggplant. Eggplant supposed to be fried naked, but I coated then fried.


eggplant, potato, onion, egg, flour, garlic, corn startch, seasoning


1. Chop everything into chunks.

2. Heat up deep fryer with enough oil to fry potato and eggplant.

3. Rinse potato with tab water, then drain well.

4. Deep fry potato until lightly brown, set aside.

5. Crack eggs, beat well, then coat eggplant with it. Sprinkle eggplant with flour, make sure all the eggplant are coated with flour.


6. Deep fry eggplant until lightly brown, set aside.

7. Heat up skillet (wok), add some cooking oil. Cook onion for about 5 minutes on medium heat.


8. Add potato and eggplant into skillet, keep stirring until well mixed.

9. Chop garlic into small pieces, sprinkle on top, mix seasoning together with some corn startch and cold water, then pour over in skillet.

For seasoning, I used salt, sugar, soybean sauce, vinegar, sesame oil.

I love to use garlic and sesame oil when cooking eggplant.

10. Keep stirring until the seasoning mixture get thick, and all the pieces are coated.

11. Serve warm.







1. 小土豆清洗干净,冷水下锅,开锅之后小火煮 15 分钟,然后捞出,用冷水过一下,用刀略微拍扁。


2. 小葱切葱花,花生用刀拍碎,和芝麻及辣椒碎一起放入碗里。

3. 平底锅倒油烧热,中火,放入拍扁的小土豆煎至一面金黄,然后翻面。两面金黄之后盛出放入盘中。



4. 用小锅烧热油,倒入调料碗中,静置一两分钟,把辣椒和葱花爆香,然后放入盐,五香粉等调料,搅拌均匀,倒在土豆上面即可。


Hot and Spicy Bite-size Potato

Yellow potato is my favorite potato now. It tastes much better than regular potato.

I bought some bite-size yellow potato. The original plan was roasted them in the oven, but I really didn’t want to deal with the hot oven, so I decided to cook it in a different way.


bite-size potato, white sesame seeds, roasted peanuts, green onion, crashed pepper, seasoning.


1. Put potatoes into pot, cover with cold water. Bring to boil on medium high heat, then simmer for 15 minutes.


2. Drain potatoes, then rinse with cold water.

3. Press on potatoes to make them some flat.

4. Meantime, chop green onion and mash peanuts, then put in a bowl with sesame seeds and crashed pepper.

5. Heat up skillet, pour some oil, then start frying potatoes, flip until one side is golden brown, lay on plate when they are golden brown on both sides.


6. Heat some oil with a small pot on medium heat. Pour oil into the seasoning bowl.

The oil can’t be too hot, otherwise the pepper will be brunt out. If you are not sure about the temperature, you can sprinkle a couple of pieces of the pepper to test the temperature. Turn heat off when temperature is right, and pour into bowl right away.

7. Let the seasoning cook for a minutes, then Add salt, pepper and any seasoning you want to add into the bowl. Sprinkle on top of potatoes.

Now it’s time to serve!

Potato Salad with Ranch and Bacon

Potato Salad with Ranch and Bacon

I’m not a regular potato salad fun, I like the one with ranch much better.

Potato Salad with Ranch and BaconPotato Salad with Ranch and BaconIngredients:

4 medium size potatoes, 4 eggs, 4 strips of bacon

ranch, mayo

Potato Salad with Ranch and BaconPotato Salad with Ranch and BaconMethods:

1. Boil potato and egg, then peel and chop into small cubes.

2. Pan fry bacon, remove from heat before it gets crispy. Use kitchen towel to pat dry, then break into pieces.

Potato Salad with Ranch and Bacon3. Mix same amount ranch and mayo.

4. Mix potato, egg and bacon, then pour mayo mixture over it, mix well.

5. Keep it refrigerated before serving.

Potato Salad with Ranch and Bacon