Spicy and Sour Shredded Potato

Back a while ago, I went to a Chinese Restaurant with some American colleagues. The restaurant serves ‘spicy and sour shredded potato’. This is a very popular dish in China, but my American colleagues said they never heard this or had before. I hope this recipe can help anybody who likes spicy dishes.


potatoes, green and red cayenne peppers, white vinegar, seasoning to taste.


1. Clean potatoes and peppers, peel potatoes then shred. Rinse with water, drain well.

2. Chop peppers into the proper size to match potatoes.

Pepper seeds are much more spicy than pepper. So you can control the spicy level some by how many pepper seeds you keep in your cooking.

3. Heat up the skillet with medium high heat, add cooking oil, then add shredded potato into skillet, stir quickly for a few second to let oil evenly coated on shredded potatoes.

4. Add white vinegar into skillet, stir quickly for a few minutes.

5. Add chopped peppers into skillet, stir until pepper get tender.

6. Add seasoning to your taste. Stir quickly. You can add a little bit water to help seasoning melt and mix quicker.

For seasoning, I normally use salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar.

7. When potato is fully cooked, it’s ready to serve.

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