How to Make a Yeast Dough


Make a Yeast Dough


Yeast Dough can be used very often, such as pizza, bread, roll, etc.

Make a Yeast DoughIngredients:

flour, 1-2 tsp yeast, 1-2 tsp sugar


Make a Yeast Dough1. Mix yeast and sugar, soak in warm water. Then set aside until it’s covered by bubbles.

You can stir some to speed up the dissolving process.

2. Slowly pour yeast mixture into flour, stir quickly meantime, so flour stick together, turn into little pieces. Stop until you don’t really see much loose flour.

Make a Yeast DoughAdd more warm water if you need to.

Depend on your needs, dough can be firm, can be tender. Tender dough is more for pizza, bread, dinner roll, etc. Firm dough can use for some Chinese steaming buns. Of course, less loose flour left means tender dough.

3. Form the flour pieces into a smooth ball, this is your yeast dough.


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