Braised Wings with Coke


Braised Wings with Coke

This is one of my favorites way to cook wings. I think most of people like it.

Braised Wings with CokeIngredients:

Chicken Wings, Coke, seasoning.


Braised Wings with Coke1. Clean all the wings, cut each wing into 3 pieces: drum, flat and tip.

2. Use paper towel to pat dry all the wings.

3. Heat up skillet, add cooking oil. Saute wings until wings change color and get dry.

Braised Wings with Coke4. Add pepper, sugar, salt and ginger powder into skillet, mix well. Then add some soybean sauce, keep stirring until wings are coated evenly.

5. Add coke to almost cover all the wings. Medium high heat with lid covered, cook until the juice get thicker. Flip every 5 minutes.

6. Transfer to plate to serve.


Braised Wings with Coke


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