Stir Fried Napa with Shrimp and Black Fungus

Napa cabbage is one of my favorite vegetables. I guess it’s because I grew up with it.

When I was little, there were not too many fresh vegetables available in winter time. I think what we had was napa cabbage, carrot, and tunip. So we had to eat napa all winter.


napa cabbage, shrimp, black fungus, onion, seasoning.

I left onion out when I took the picture.


1. Soak black fungus in cold water for about 1 hour. Then clean real good, raise with water, drain well.

2.  Chop/slice napa into pieces, seperate leaves and the white leaf veins.

You can chop/slice napa any way you like.

3. Chop onion into pieces, peel shrimp.

4. Heat up the skillet on medium high heat, add cooking oil. Add chopped onion into skillet, cook for several minutes until it gets a little bit tender.

5. Add black fungus and white napa leaf veins into skillet, cook for several minutes.

6. Add napa leaves into skillet, cook for several minutes until leaves start getting tender.


7. Add shrimp into skillet, cook until shrimp start turning into pink color.

8. Add seasoning into skillet, quickly stir it until all the seasoning is evenly spreaded.

For seasoning, I used venigar, salt, little bit sugar.

If you think this dish is too dry, you can add some water & corn startch mixture into the skillet at last minute, stir evernly, then you should have some sauce.

To view this recipe in Chinese, please click here.

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