Tortilla with Seasoning


I’m not a tortilla person, but I do love those ‘uncooked tortilla’. It’s so easy and convienent to cook, and it tastes different from the cooked ones.


uncooked tortilla, cooking oil, flour, seasoning.


1. Pour some flour into a bowl, add salt, pepper into it, then pour some cooking oil into the bowl, mix well. Mixture can be little thinner than peanut butter.

You can use any seasoning as you like. Salt and pepper is what I use regularly.


2. Use a spoon, scoop some four mixture on top of the tortilla, spread, then fold as you like.


3. Heat a frying pan on medium low heat, add a little bit cooking oil, fry tortilla until golden brown on one side, flip, cook until it’s golden brown on another side.

You don’t have to use cooking oil to cook tortilla. But it sure tastes much better when cooking with oil.


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