Pancake with Zucchini and Dried Shrimp


Pancake with Zucchini


I cooked this type of pancake before, but never tried cooking it with a frame. I thought it looks pretty neat when I first saw it online. It actually tastes pretty good. 

Ingredients:Pancake with Zucchini

1 medium size zucchini, 3 eggs, some all-purpose flour, some dried shrimp*, 2 slices of purple onion, seasoning.


Pancake with Zucchini1. Chop zucchini into thin strips.

2. Mix dried shrimp and seasoning with zucchini.

For seasoning, I used salt, sugar and white pepper powder.Pancake with Zucchini

Dried shrimp is pretty salty, so be careful on how much salt you put in.

3. Let the zucchini mix sitting for several minutes.

Pancake with Zucchini4. Add eggs into zucchini mix, mix well.

5. Add flour into zucchini mix, then mix well.

Make sure the batter is not too thick. Add water if needed.

6. Slice onion, then break onion slice into onion ring.Pancake with Zucchini

7. Heat up skillet, add cooking oil, adjust heat to medium high, put onion ring in skillet.

8. Scoop batter into onion ring, flip when the bottom side turn lightly brown.

Pancake with Zucchini9. When both sides turn lightly brown, transfer to plate.

10. Serve when hot.

You can serve with some dipping sauce. I normally would serve with some vinegar, or mix vinegar, soybean sauce and sesame oil.


* For “dried shrimp”, please see link below:

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